Private Montessori Kindergarten  


Your child’s academic success depends heavily on his or her kindergarten experience. In kindergarten, your son or daughter develops primary skills that lay the foundation for reading, writing, counting, and socializing.


Consequently, you need to make sure that your child attends a school where he or she receives complete attention from a kind and compassionate teacher.


At Children’s Montessori School, we offer a private kindergarten. Our small class sizes and great teachers give your child the opportunity to learn and grow at his or her own pace.


Prepare Your Child for Success


When your child attends our private kindergarten, he or she will learn a variety of academic skills as part of the curriculum at no extra charge, including:


  •  Geography
  •  Language
  •  Math
  •  Science
  •  Sensorial
  •  Practical Life/Dramatic Play
  •  World Languages
  •  World Music


Though we encourage children to explore these areas at their own pace, our teachers follow a state-recognized curriculum to ensure your child has a firm grasp of the basics by the time he or she finishes the program.


Furthermore, each of our classrooms feature visually attractive materials organized on low, uncluttered shelves. This ease of access and nurturing environment gives your child a hands-on learning experience and encourages your son or daughter to explore his or her interests.


 Learn More About Our Summer Program


Children between ages 6 and 12 are eligible to enroll in our summer program. Throughout the summer, your kids will have an opportunity to participate in various activities and learn about different subjects. Some of our activities and areas of study include:


  • swimming
  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Field trips
  • Gardening
  • Global studies