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The goal of the Children’s Montessori School is to provide a healthy balance of learning and fun in a specially prepared environment to meet their needs.  While we provide loving and tender care to the child, we provide them a solid foundation for their future.


Basically, we follow the Montessori Method of education which has been accepted throughout the world today.


The Montessori Method of Education is a Help to Life, for it is a help given to the child in the process of human development and equip him for living.  It is aiming at helping the child achieve full realization of all his potentials.  Montessori Education does not strive to fill the child with knowledge but enables him to become a fully integrated person.


The early years of the child’s life are the vital years - setting the pattern.  During the ages from birth to six, the young child develops, learn and grows more than he ever will again during any other period of his lifetime.  ‘The most important period of a child’s life is not the age of university studies but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.  That is the time man’s intelligence, his greatest implement is found. (Dr. Maria Montessori)


The Montessori Method of Education takes into consideration total human development of the child.  It adapts to the local conditions, to the culture and traditions in which the child happens to live.  It adapts to the individual child, to his or her pace and originality of development.


Our method helps to bring out the potential in each child to make him or her  a whole person.  In public school our children have always been found to be leaders and not followers because our program helps the child to have confidence in themselves.




 6.00  -  8.00         :      Breakfast  &  Inside Activities

8.00  -  9.30         :      Lesson Time

         9.30                   Snack Time

10.00  11.30     :         Lesson Time

11.30  - 1.00       :       Lunch  &  Break

             1.00               Pre-School Nap Time

 1.00  -  2.30         :    Lesson Time  KG &  Grade Classes

 2.30  -  4.00         :    After School Activities

 4.00  -  4.30         :    After School Activities

4.00  -  4.30               Snack Time

4.30  -  5.30   :           Outside Play

5.30  -  6.30     :         Inside Activities

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State Licensed Facility with Qualified staff

Pre School, Kindergarten and Extended Day Care

For 2 years through 12 years old Children

Special Math and Reading Skills

Art - Music - Creative Experience -5

Transportation to and from public schools

Open Year Round from 6.00AM to 6.30PM



Instalaciones autorizadas por el estado con maestros Montessori capacitados.

Preescolar, Kindergarden grado 1 a 4 y

guarderia extendida

Para niños de 2 a 12 anos

Habilidad esespeciales de mátematicas y lectura

Arte, musica,experiencia creativo 

Transporte de y hacia es cuelas publicas

Abierto todo el año de 6.00am a 6.30pm




Preschool Education
Looking for a fantastic preschool for your child? We are a trusted preschool provider in Rancho Cucamonga for the past 22 years, and we’re very confident that we can help your child succeed in our Children’s House.
Our Philosophy
The Montessori educational philosophy focuses on helping children grow and learn in correlation with their natural social, physical, and psychological development. Our curriculum allows children an extraordinary amount of freedom and independence under the guidance of our highly trained teachers.
We believe that children should have the freedom to move around the classroom and to choose which activities to try, to learn at their own pace, and to be engaged in their own learning.
Our Unique Preschool Curriculum
Our curriculum teaches preschool-aged children about practical life, mathematics, language, and sensorial topics. Your student will also explore social studies, art, history, science, and geography.
A few unique benefits of our Montessori preschool education include:
  • Interactive educational materials that engage and interest children
  • Small class sizes (never more than 12 students in a class)
  • A non-competitive, compassionate, and fun atmosphere
  • Unique international experiences, including weekly music and language lessons
We believe that these features will give your young one an unforgettable learning experience.